Waylo: 2017 Year in Review

2017 was a great year for Waylo and all of our customers. From going live this year to helping customers around the world save on hotel rooms, we’ve come a long way.

This is a brief look back at some of the highlightings that 2017 had for us and our customers.

2017’s most popular destinations

The most Searched destinations were Las Vegas, San Francisco, Cancun, Paris and New York City.

However, when we look back at where Waylo booked the most rooms in 2017 it was Las Vegas in the US and Dubai outside of the US.

Maximum savings in 2017

Everyone who books with Waylo saves money with our Price Prediction Technology. That’s how Waylo works. These savings are on top of already discounted rooms that you may find elsewhere. Waylo’s rates are true savings on the cheapest rates available anywhere.

The maximum savings earned by a customer on one booking was 78.85% in 2017. That’s almost 5 room nights for the price of one!

Even our smallest discount of the year was 9.69% which is still significant value. That’s a rare case, but still cheaper than the prices on the internet(Including available discounts). The average savings were at 17%.

The right time to Book? 
Booking 21 days out is optimal for the best savings. The customers who booked around 3 weeks before their trip save the maximum.

A Million dollar a day!
Yes, Waylo predicted pricing finds roughly a million dollar worth of hotel price-drops every day in 2017.

Here’s our favourite

In 2017, 82% of our customers referred Waylo to their friends and family. There’s a reward for this too. When you bring your friends to us, you both get a $15 reward. That’s $15 off the lowest price on the internet.
Want to refer your friends? Copy the link here.


2017 was a bright year. We helped more customers save more on their travel. We’re looking forward to an even brighter 2018. Join the journey on thewaylo.com.

Wishing a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

With <3 Team Waylo

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