How does Waylo get the lowest Hotel rates?

Everyone likes a discount on their hotel booking and everyone is offering them. There are sites offering 50% and some offering 70%, but all their rates are the same.

So, how does one score the lowest hotel rate, with all of this noise?

There’s a little secret. 

Hotel rates tend to change. Like every day, every minute.
nd unlike flights, the rates don’t increase as you come close to the date of travel. At times they might drop.

Something like this.

The above graph shows the fluctuations in prices for a 5-star hotel in SF for different dates. Notice something? The lowest rate is almost the same for all dates. You can book the same hotel for $2000 or for as little as $500. That’s 74% OFF only if you know when to book!!!

How can you take advantage of these price drops?
The solution: Track Hotel Rates.

I know what you’re thinking now – It’s complicated, too much effort, blah blah. Right?
That’s why we built a tracking protocol that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and when we detect a price drop we can send you a message if we think that is as low as it will go. At times it can help you save up to 75%. You can use Waylo – Hotel Price Prediction bot to track hotel rates today.

Even Better. Book at AI Predicted Prices.
The best part is that you can book a hotel at the predicted lowest price. That is, the lowest price in time between today (the date of booking) and the date of stay. We use a version of the (AI) algorithm that predicts the future price drops and makes them available today, no waiting, just saving!

Here’s how it works.

That’s Awesome! How do I ‘Get Started’?
Head over to the Waylo messenger bot and tap on ‘Get Started’. Now you can start searching for hotels by typing in the destination and dates. For eg; Paris, Feb 13-15.

Alternatively, you can start your search from the web-search on

Here’s another detailed post on how to use Waylo along with all the hacks and ProTips. 


Travel the world. Travel smart.

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